bus boys and poets

After hearing so much about Bus Boys and Poets over the years, it just didn’t feel right to visit DC and not take the time out to dine here. I was in for the earlier half of dinner over at the K street location. I’ve been told to prepare for a different experience depending on the location you visit but I’m sure the core values are the same across the board, so I had no concerns regarding what the people’s favorite might be.

dc tap water

The staff at Bus Boy’s in Poets were all so pleasant, accommodating and honest. The restaurant is full of artwork and of course, a small book store/library when you first walk in that catches your eye. I was at a rather large location, so there was much to see and plenty of customers that had the place buzzing. It was happy hour and I was excited so I tried DC Tap Water for the first time. I am referring to a cocktail by the way for anyone who thought I was excited to try actual DC Tap Water.  I’ll take a cocktail over water on any day; that’s how I roll.

bus boys and poets

The hummus on the menus interest me since I wanted to start light but the waitress insisted on the foole dip, which she claimed was the upgraded version of hummus that included jalapeños, tomatoes, and a fava bean dip. It wasn’t spicy and I wasn’t too impressed but everything deserves a try. Besides, it was still happy hour and sangria was on the menu.

bus boys and poets

I wasn’t taking any suggestions as my heart was set on the shrimp, chicken and chorizo pasta smothered in a cajun cream sauce.  This was a spicier dish but it wasn’t overwhelmingly hot and there was plenty of shrimp and chicken to keep a girl happy. I would only go back here for a quick bite with friends or maybe for drinks if I had time to kill. Dessert was pretty good to say the least but I’m not sure if the place has won me over just yet.

bus boys and poets bus boys and poets