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Aside from Chicago, DC is probably next up on one of my favorite places to visit that has a growing food culture. That could possibly explain how delighted I was to be invited to a Negra Modelo Event at Union Market. Knowing a little something about event planning, I was super impressed by how they remodeled the venue to make the evening the success it was. There’s no better feeling than being at your absolute comfort level, about to enjoy some food and unlimited beer.

negro modelo event space negro modelo flowers

Even better than that, is dealing with staff that’s just a riot. One of the servers kept coming over to feed us the wild mushroom and goat cheese puffs and couldn’t stop making me laugh. It really gave me the sense that Negra Modelo is a friendly brand and I could look to really great future times over a few glasses. Amongst the passed dishes were sliders, as well as, some live food stations serving up carnitas tacos and a stuffed poblano pepper with rice. Nonstop Negra Modelo was paired with each dish in hopes to find The Perfect Complement …. I think the slider won me over  the most.

negro modelo slider negro modelo food station

The guest chefs for the evening were Chef Rick Bayless and Chef Chris Cosentino who had fairly good chemistry and it was most interesting to watch them cook together, especially since there was an overhead cam grabbing all the action. Chef Bayless is hilarious and even told us he feels sorry for anyone out there without a high speed blender as he put together his chili. Take notes chefs! Chef Cosentino prepared a steamed clams and chorizo dish and really touched on the importance of sharing food, how it brings us all together. As I grabbed another glass of Negra Modelo, I agreed with his sentiments.

negro modelo demo negro modelo clams and chickpea

As much as it was enjoyable to listen to the chefs share different ways to incorporate Negra Modelo in their dishes, I was ready for dessert. Chef Bayless had just answered my question on the most creative way he’s used the beer in a dish and his answer, a chili chocolate ice cream, had me curious. Luckily, chocolate was on the menu with a chocolate caramel cupcake with a Negra Modelo Caramel sauce. How fun are infused desserts? To add onto the evening, the event was social media powered to unlock amazing gifts which certainly left me encouraged to continue finding #ThePerfectComplement

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This post is sponsored by Negra Modelo. For more information, visit @NegraModeloUSA on twitter, facebook and instagram.