Since I was a little girl, I’ve always wondered about the restaurant off the FDR titled The Water Club. I always drove by it, thinking about how big the tabs are there and how beautiful it must look inside. Dreams came true when I went here for dinner and words couldn’t describe how it felt to go off the road and pull up to this huge boat made into a dining room. I wondered if membership to the club really did have it’s privileges.

It did. The staff was so kind to us and I could tell they were trained to take the extra time to provide exceptional customer service. Though our waiter was less attentive than I’d like, he seemed to know the menu better than expected and adhered to all of our needs. For starters, I had the Crab Bisque which consisted of the crab and croutons in the bowl first and the bisque added right after. It was a amazing texture battle on my tastebuds and I had a feeling my entree would be better.


I ordered the sweet diver scallops with pasta, which were big and juicy as I hoped they would be. Even after I decided to take most of it home, I realized they allowed you to take your bottle of wine home too. Not to mention, the filet mignon is to die for. Maybe the restaurant of your dreams is only a cab ride away too.

water club

Skate Wing 1

Have you ever read an item on a menu and didn’t know exactly what it was but you ordered it anyway? That’s what I ended up doing at Ed’s Chowder House. Luckily I’m not allergic to anything, so I have the luxury of ordering whatever I want from the menu without needing Benadryl or an EpiPen in my purse.

Interior Ed's Chowder House
Source: Ed’s Chowder House Facebook

The pristine white decor at Ed’s Chowder House  for brunch, immediately made me feel like I was sailing off the coast of New England. The walls were lined with photos from harbors and sandy beachfronts. I had to keep going with the nautical theme by ordering seafood. So when the waiter clarified that “seared skate wing” was fish, I didn’t think twice about it, I just ordered it. It was presented so beautifully that I literally didn’t want to touch it. The skate wing was polished with melted leeks, crushed potatoes, and herb butter. Skate wing has a naturally flaky texture that allows it to just melt right in your mouth. It was a tad salty for my liking but I still enjoyed it.

Skate Wing 1

Months later I was telling someone how much I liked skate wing and they said, “Eww, you eat stingray!” I was thoroughly confused and explained, “No I had skate fish.” The person then laughed at the fact that I had no clue what skate fish really is and I have been ranting about this dish without the facts. He told me to do a Google Search on skate fish. Man, was I disgusted when I saw those images! Everything creeped me out, especially the face, it looked too humanistic. Do you see at the top the little eyes and lips? How gross is that? but this experience was unintentionally fearless and I loved it.

Skate Fish
Source: National Geographic