If you’re the type looking for a real food experience from the moment you walk in the door, till the moment you leave then let me tell you that Twenty 3 Supperclub in Brooklyn is the place for you. Twenty3 was made for a true food lover like me and Tamara over at meditating chef, so she invited me here for dinner. The feel of the place seemed to fit for any occasion yet helped me feel right at home. In addition to that, my waiter was super sweet and genuine with her favorites from the menu because of course I asked.


We ordered drinks to start and I’m a sucker for blue lighting which lit up the entire cocktail menu. As we prepared with our drinks, the filet mignon skewers came out. I swear it tasted like summertime, right off the grill, juicy, hearty and smokey as my tastebuds hoped for. I knew from here, I’d be in for a treat. We followed these up with the cheesiest macaroni and cheese bites topped with a balsamic tomato. Our waitress mentioned that this starter was the reason she started liking tomatoes and I could see why. The bites were perfection as I closed my eyes for each bite. Could I be ready for the entree?

brooklyn paella

I ordered the Brooklyn paella and it was pretty incredible. There was enough shrimp to go around and the mussels were delicious to enjoy as well. By this time I was due for a food coma and then the chef sends out their cheesecake. Listen, this is not your ordinary cheesecake, I hugged the chef for this. I really wanted to cry on how delicious this entire meal was and though it’s a trip for me, I would go here every weekend. If you’re a true food lover, please visit Twenty 3 Supper club because they have our stamp of approval for sure.


Update: This location is now closed.



The BBQ sauce at Fat Matts is a winner. I encountered this amazing sauce on my last visit to Atlanta and immediately asked if it was for sale. Thank goodness it was and for no more than $5, so I bought two! I’m almost done with my bottles and realized that I can order my sauce online, thank God for the internet!

Fat Matts
Photo Credit: JessicasDinnerParty.com

Fat Matts BBQ sauce is really the best bbq sauce that exist. Not only does it go well with almost everything, but it has a tangy kick to it that exploded on my flavor palette. The craziest part is that I don’t even like BBQ sauce! But this BBQ sauce almost broke some friendships because it’s too good to even share. When I do share it, it’s all about portion control! Don’t drop that alcohol bbq sauce. You should probably get some.