FFB Pretzels

I thought that moving from New York to Washington D.C. would still have an endless supply of restaurants to wander into for quality cuisine. While walking around Georgetown, I found Farmers Fishers Bakers and thought it would be a great place to eat since it was on the water and had a lot of traffic. It had a nautical vibe, good lighting, and waiters dressed like farmers which was interesting.

FFB Interior
Source: Farmers Fishers Bakers Facebook Page

The menu included a wide selection of food as the name of the restaurant implies. A variety from farmers, fishermen, and bakers. My boyfriend ordered calamari pizza because it sounded like a great combination of two amazing dishes. I instantly thought this would be perfect and went for seafood jambalaya because I love anything with shrimp in it. When our plates were brought to the table, his order was mistaken for just plain calamari. After we told the waiter it was incorrect, the manager came out to give her sincerest apologies, told us the calamari is free, and an order of complimentary pretzels will be right out.

FFB Calamari

















FFB Pretzels

















The bread was warm, soft, and came with plenty of dipping sauces to satisfy all of your taste buds: Pimento Cheese, BBQ Mustard, and Onion Dip. I was excited until I bit into the bread and felt pounds of salt in my mouth, there was no amount of raking off that could make it better, the saltiness was overwhelming and the sauces didn’t help. But what could I expect from a pretzel

with tons of salt on it? So I moved on to the calamari and salt was the main ingredient once again. It was my first time ever refusing to eat calamari, usually I can kill a whole order of by myself.

FFB Jambalaya

FFB Calamari Pizza






















After the salty calamari, I was ready to be saved by my main course! I just knew the jambalaya would lift my spirits, but instead I was disappointed once again. The jambalaya was not only salty but also extremely greasy. Farmers Fishers Bakers tried to master multiple cuisines but ended up not living up to my expectations at all. When you try to be good at everything, you end up not being good at anything.