Mercadito Cocktail

The last delight I enjoyed in Chicago was Mercadito, which I would consider upscale dining in the Chi. Completely dressed up for the occasion, I got the NYC Hurricane club ambiance here, especially considering the detailed layout and energy of the staff. It was obvious that this crowded night was the usual for them.


Hungry as usual, I ordered two appetizers: The Guacamole and the Shrimp Ceviche. The Guacamole definitely tasted better than it looks, and it was nice mash up with the mango engulfed into the mix. I’m not too crazy about ceviche but the flavors were very fresh and fun.


Then onto the fancy tacos. They have more than enough options here and my favorite were the Carnita’s. There were multiple layers of flavor in this bad boy, which always causes for a party. Not to mention, they bring out the most amazing green sauce to accompany your plantains on the side.

IMG_5728 IMG_5730