Tackling belly fat is difficult but with these tips you’ll be able to get rid of belly fat and trim your waistline.

1. Probiotics

Research shows that the probiotic Lactobacillus Gasseri helps to reduce fat around your midsection. In general, probiotics are a form of good bacteria that aid in a healthy digestive system. There are many different kinds of probiotics but these two brands have the probiotic you need to blast belly fat. Garden of Life Probiotic is my favorite and you can purchase it here. Another brand is Ultimate Flora Women’s Probiotic.

2. Eat Clean

Stay away from white flour, sugar, and rice. Eliminate processed food, junk food, and limit alcohol consumption. Those foods cause bloating and weight gain. Instead snack on fruits, vegetables, and nuts. Look for sprouted grain bread and brown rice. Buy grass fed meat and choose lean protein like chicken breast. If getting rid of junk food is difficult focus on all the good food you can have rather than what you can’t have. If you still need some more tips on how to transition then click here.

Clean Eating

3. Get More Fiber

Fiber rich foods take longer to digest and leave you feeling full longer. Add quinoa to your diet for 5.5 grams of fiber per serving. Snack on a pear, carrots, or walnuts for high fiber, filling snacks. Try navy beans with your dinner for 19 grams of fiber.

A slim tummy starts in the kitchen. Always be kind to yourself and listen to your body. If you do indulge just remember to start fresh and double up on the good stuff the next day.