Steak Tacos at Tacos and Tequila

Sometimes we go away to have good food, to be removed from the stress of life, to celebrate, or to take a second to take it all in. To do all of the above, I escaped to Cancun for almost a week, life still followed me there but I knew going to Cancun would make it alright. Though I was disappointed with many of the flavors or lack there of, I came across some great food experiences  as well and I plan to share them all. First stop was Tacos and Tequila which is in the hotel zone of Cancun inside the outdoor Mall titled La Isla.

They had Wi-Fi there and my need to connect with back home was enough for me to order this huge margarita with chili powder on the rim. The flavor of the powder is really difficult to describe because it tasted familiar but I knew it was a stranger to my taste buds. The kick was very light and it was sweet as well, something that the locals apparently have here often. My waiter even gave me some to go since I was so intrigued but that wasn’t getting past customs. The Mango margarita was not exactly the frozen drink I was expecting but it didn’t matter because it was pretty good and if I can’t taste the tequila then you can be my friend.














I went for an order here which consist of three tacos of your choice and a side. I opted for the Mexican rice which was bland but I also tried the cactus for fun. I never heard of cactus on a menu and my waiter agreed to bring some out for me. The cactus was bitter and tasted like a string bean almost. I couldn’t believe people were eating cactus tacos; this thing needed some pepper or something.















The shrimp tacos caught my eye, as well as the pork and the steak. They poured onions into the shrimp and the pork, which I had to handpick out. I can’t stand onions but I will tolerate them. Unfortunately, I wasn’t going to tolerate a whole tablespoon of them. The shrimp needed something to accompany them in the taco to truly make it filling, like some guacamole. Instead I ate them alone because the wrap did nothing for them.
Pork Tacos













The Pork was my favorite out of the three just because it sucked the least and actually had some spices to it. I filled this one with the rice to add to the texture and it worked out well.

Shrimp Tacos and Rice














The steak was filled with chorizo, which really made it tolerable, but still not impressed. I was under the impression that I was in Taco heaven and so far that hadn’t seemed to be the case.

Steak Tacos