French toast lexington brass

How do you enjoy burnt french toast or anything really? YOU EAT AROUND IT! At least that’s what I had to do at Lexington Brass because this French toast was too good, to be bad…

I wound up at this quaint location ready for mimosas, pretty good service and a some pretty great dishes. The downside here was that they don’t have Mimosas. Wait, what? I’m sure they could have made one but they only talk cocktails.

So I opted for this drink with a name I can’t recall which was later replaced by the strawberry sour. Like the total baby sitter I am, I dreamt of guzzling champagne and orange juice as I sipped slowly from these sweet sweet drinks.IMG_3092IMG_3101

Our waiter was a complete doll, very accommodating but not overbearing unlike the eyes next to us who just couldn’t wait for us to look away so they could keep staring. Creeps. I decided on the French toast that was covered in oranges and grapefruit. Should have known something was up because I’ve never had grapefruit over my brioche. Just kidding, that’s not reason to second guess this so I bit right into this amaz- WAIT IS THIS “somewhat” BURNT?

Lexington Brass French ToastAnd it was, so I sent it back. They brought me a new dish that was just as yummy and still burned. I’m talking charred all over the place, did they mean for it to be like this? I felt bad already that I had to send it back. So I did what any person would do when their friend is done eating and they’re feeling bad about the burnt French toast of their some kind of food blogger friend is pouting about, I ate it. Well I ate around it the best I could, it really did have some potential though. The citrus soaking into the bread was really tantalizing my taste buds but the roof was on fire char was too much to bear and it had to stop. Chicken and waffles here are a go though so maybe you can opt for that. If all else fails and you really want that toast, do it! But tell them first that you like it medium and not well done.

Soccarat Paella at Soccarat

I’m sitting here enjoying risotto and it’s making me think about the amazing paella at Socarrat Paella Bar.

My Honey pot took me on a date to a churro spot once in soho (or maybe it was noho), where this paella bar was it’s neighbor and I vowed to visit. So, when my girlfriend wanted to grab a bite after work in the neighborhood, this was just calling me. I’ve actually been there twice so sit back for a dose of both experiences. The downtown location is dark and moody. There’s a super long wait for a table and it’s completely worth it. Don’t expect a neat cocktail though; this one is strictly a wine bar. Not in midtown though…the Midtown location is bright. I made a reservation (since I learned from last time) but the dining room wasn’t packed anyway. They DO have cocktails here and I ordered “the lola” which was pretty good. It was very strawberry and had an obvious kick to it.

La Lola at Soccarat

I believe I finished my drink, which I probably baby sat, before I decided on which Paella to try. The menu is mouth watering just by reading what they’re tossing in each dish and it gets overwhelming, especially when you’re out with people who want to eat it all. *cough* Martine and Mike *cough* But finally, we came to a compromise. This was after reviewing paellas that have eggplant, sugar snow peas, and rabbit. And those were in three different paellas, so imagine. Any who, in Downtown, I had the Socarrat (chicken, beef, calamari, shrimp, white fish, cuttlefish, mussels, clams, and green beans) and in Midtown I had the Carne (pork, duck, chicken, chorizo, and mushrooms).

Carne at Soccarat

The Socarrat was so rich and flavorful. It had bright flavors and not too much of the rice stuck to the pan. We devoured this “Bowl” for two somehow and I still wanted more of it. The Carne, however, was heavy, which left me full instantly. The mushrooms, which I usually put towards the side, were full of the flavors from the meats and the textures were similar, yet all providing something different. It was all so good and it’s even better a day later for lunch.

Soccarat Paella at Soccarat

If you like Paella, Socarrat Paella Bar is definitely worth the trip.