Soy Cheese & Watercress Vegan Wontons w/ mango sauce

I’ve been searching for places in New York City with flavorful vegan dishes. I came across a place called Dao Palate on 7th Avenue in Brooklyn and took my younger sister here since she’s never had vegan food before.
Dao Palate has a tranquil, romantic, dimmed-light setting when you enter the restaurant. The menu consists of appetizers, entrees, smoothies, Chinese herbal teas, freshly squeeze juices, sake and vegan desserts. I decided to get the Soy Cheese & Watercress Vegan Wontons w/ mango sauce appetizer. When I say DELECTABLE, I mean it!
Dao Palate Wontons
This was so amazing; I’ve never had anything like this before and I instantaneously fell in LOVE with this dish. It was cheesy and filled with my one of my favorite greens, watercress. The mango sauce was clearly made with LOVE. It wasn’t overly sweet or overpoweringly sour. It was a perfect mixture and every time I come here this is the first thing I order. Next, I ordered my entree and prior to this I received a delicious miso soup in a small Chinese bowl with a white miso soup spoon.
Afterwards, I received a vegetable pad Thai and my sister ordered spicy glass noodles with shrimp. On another occasion I did order the black pepper seitan w/ Chinese broccoli and brown rice. This was absolutely delicious and if you decide to come here, get this dish. I wasn’t crazy about the brown rice but the rest of the food was great.
Black Pepper Seitan w/Chinese Broccoli & Brown Rice
Station 4 eggs Benedict

That moment you find out one of your favorite go to brunch spots in DC has a sister restaurant >>> . Keeping it in the family though, I paid a visit to Station 4 that had a decor simply made for me. How cute is this all black and gold restaurant with huge kisses on the menus and doors?

Station 4

No champagne flutes here, they really are pouring up the mimosas if you’re a DC lush.

Station 4 Mimosa

It had been a while since I got some steak and eggs so I figured I’d order that instead of my usual French toast. I guess I should have ordered the eggs Benedict because these bad boys were great according to my company. The Steak and Eggs were all right, I wasn’t too crazy about it but I would stop back at Station 4 for the mimosas alone.

Station 4 eggs Benedict Station 4 steak & eggs

Smoked Chicken hash from masa 14

It takes a special kind of person to appreciate an unlimited brunch like Masa 14. I’m talking about eating for days or at least that’s how it feels.

It just so happens that I am one of those special kinds of people and I keep special company because I got to enjoy Masa 14 with Rainie. You guys remember her from her brunch pick, Talde?

We had the pleasure of having great service; the waitress was really kind and even charged our phones. We even got to interchange our drinks and I’m always a fan of that. When you do unlimited brunches, you order a few meals at once; it’s four at a time for Masa though. The meals are sent out tapas style and it’s enough to share unless you really like something and get greedy. Casually, we started with breakfast and worked our way into lunch, squeezing in dessert as well.

Breakfast Empanada at Masa 14

The breakfast empanada was delightful and a bit spicy, it almost left me wondering why I would need to order any other breakfast item. But that would be so unlike me.

So we ordered the salads.

Seared Salmon Salad from Masa 14


And the pizzas.

 Masa 14 Breakfast PizzaWild mushroom flatbread from Masa 14

The mushroom pizza was the best because the flavors popped way more than they did in the other dishes. Let’s not forget that we were drinking! The MASA Mimosa was delicious!

 Masa 14 Mimosa

The black paste with chips was pretty good but it’s an acquired taste if you’re not really a bean person.

Black Bean puree from masa 14

The steak and eggs were a hit for us because we ordered this way more than once. The steak was cooked to perfection. The combination on the plate just meshed so well, we couldn’t stop gushing over this one.

Tenderloin medallion from masa 14

By then, we had already tried the Lychee Bellinis and a few other dishes that I clearly ate before my camera was put to use.

 lychee bellini

Nonetheless, we made our way around to almost everything they had to offer.

Smoked Chicken hash from masa 14 Bacon Fried Rice from masa 14

Is it time for dessert yet?

According to this guy here, YES

pan dulce from masa 14

Probably one of the BEST desserts I have had in a while, was the pan dulce (sweet bread) at Masa 14. The whipped cream was actually spicy, totally unexpected, but amazing with the sweetness of the rest of the dish. I would eat this a million times and one. I love unlimited brunches for any occasion really but especially for groups because sharing is caring and you will have a whole lot of that here.