Bar Gitano Pork and Chorizo Rice

On my first night at Puerto Rico Restaurant Week, we dined at Bar Gitano. The restaurant was loud but the music was a very nice added touch to our experience. We started off with a sangria pitcher which tasted like juice. That meant we would need a few more before we started feeling it.

Bar Gitano Sangira























The restaurant week menu here really had some great options so I was happy when my friends decided to order from it as well. For the first time ever, I tried salmon and spinach croquettes that was accompanied by this amazing sauce. The croquettes were fried perfectly and the balance that the fish gave the spinach made it just right for my taste buds. My mouth just watered thinking about it.

Bar Gitano Croquettes

And for the main course, I had set my heart on the pork served with chorizo rice. The rice tasted like the rice from a bowl of paella . It was really great and I could taste all the ingredients coming through one bite. The meat was really thick but I was able to cut through and enjoy..

Bar Gitano Pork and Chorizo Rice

The wait time for our food here was ridiculous. They also over fried our churros so they were somewhat difficult to enjoy.  I’m sure that on a slower night the place is amazing with that kind of stuff but it was a holiday weekend after all.