Cafeteria meatloaf

Everyone’s favorite thing about Cafeteria, besides the mac n cheese, has to be that you can show up at any hour and get some food! The party doesn’t stop NYC, when you can always pop in at the Caf.

So when I was leaving this wine tasting downtown and was starving, I knew I could lean on my friends at Cafeteria to hold my stomach down. I was tired but I quickly perked up with this Mojito Sangria in front of me. This sangria was heavenly all round so I ordered a pitcher of it.

 Mojito Sangria at Cafeteria











I wasn’t even all that hungry but who am I to resist mac-n-cheese spring rolls? I LOVE spring rolls & I love mac-n-cheese so I had high expectations for this 8th wonder of the world. Luckily, it didn’t disappoint me. The outside of the roll was crisp and crunchy and more importantly, didn’t overpower the flavors on the inside. Inside of the roll the mac was soft, great chew, cheesy and even better when you dip it in more cheese.

Mac and Cheese Rolls at Cafeteria












By then I really wasn’t hungry. Or was I? Because I definitely wound up ordering their beer battered fish that was delish! The fish was just so soft and fried to this beautiful brown that you couldn’t help but appreciate. They also make a killer meatloaf and see how I felt about brunch last time I was here.

Beer Battered Fish at Cafeteria












meatloaf at cafeteria

I had to save room for dessert and considering I never had fried Oreos before, that day was definitely the day I wanted to formally introduce my taste buds. Are they overrated? Maybe, by a little bit. Does that mean they weren’t awesome? Absolutely not. They were extra good and I got to pair it with an amazing serving of cappuccino ice cream.


Pancakes Bacon Goat Cheese Cascabel

Yes, I thought about Cascabel Taqueria just about everyday now solely off the strength that the fried blue crab here with corn was so ridiculously delicious that I can’t keep my mind off of it.

Cascabel Taqueria on the Upper East Side is LOVELY. The place was packed inside and out when we arrived, so I recommend making a reservation if you can. Then, as soon as you sit down, order a drink! They have about 5 different ones here for brunch and you can switch them out as you wish!

sangria cascabel taqueria

Back to this party in my mouth though hosted by this blue crab, corn, fresh salsa and pepper aioli! If you love crab, come try this decadence! It was so well fried but happened to be so soft in the middle, almost too good to be true! Then the aioli was drop dead amazing; I couldn’t help but dip the crab back in it every time. Heavenly!

Blue Crab Pepper Aoli Cascabel Taqueria











Seriously, how do you follow that up?

My solution was to keep drinking!

This is a place for a Lush like myself. And I got to try all my drinks with these amazing pancakes. I love goat cheese, strangely so. For some reason this went perfectly with the pancakes and the crispy bacon that was provided had me leaving a happy camper.

Pancakes Cascabel Taqueria











Even though it felt like I ordered a lot, the portions here were super decent and it allows you to eat more than you normally would. It’s a cute two-person spot or small group of friends looking to enjoy Sunday fun day.

cappuccino at Talde

Brooklyn food culture is growing, so if you aren’t on it, you’re missing it. I had some beautiful company for brunch and my heart, Rainie, already suggested to go to Talde months ago. Had to make the girl happy so it was only right for us to attend during her visit to the city. She really chose a great place in a great neighborhood which also played awesome music. There were 7 of us brunching that afternoon and the booths here fit everyone comfortably so I was impressed. They serve a dim sum style brunch where you can share majority of the options and that was good cause my fat self wanted to try everything.

cappuccino at Talde












They offer “a perfect Bellini” here, which has mango, passion fruit and a bunch of other fruits mixed into one amazing glass of summer. It wasn’t too strong and I can’t lie, it was close to perfect.

bellini at talde












The menu here is ridiculously enticing and hard to choose from so again, I was grateful to be there with such a huge party.













At our table we had the pretzel dumplings, lobster bao, bacon pad thai, Korean fried chicken and waffles, and bowls of fried rice. The wings were absolutely finger licking good but they were semi spicy. The waffles literally melted in my mouth because as I said at the table, they tasted like a fluff of butter. That might sound gross but  it was to die for. Why would I eat anything else after I consumed this wonderful meal?

Korean Fried Chicken and Waffles at Talde












Because I’m greedy. The lobster bao I ordered was just staring at me in the face and I was weary! The lobster comes within a mix of spices and other things I couldn’t identify, semi wrapped in a bun-like mold. I did expect it to taste better than it was described to me but I promise it taste better than what I just described to you. There were hearty pieces of lobster but the order only includes two baos so beware.

I’m also not into pretzels but I am into food porn and I noticed these dumplings a few tables away and couldn’t resist. I was staring at them for some time wondering where exactly did the pretzel aspect come into play and then I realized it sitting lightly on top of the dumplings. It was so damn good. Like, I can’t even begin to explain how good it was but by then, I had forgotten all about my butter fluff waffle to say the least!


Everyone seemed to enjoy their meals and more importantly the company of one another! It’s important to enjoy good food with great people! So try that when you check out Talde because it was really worth going to.

Red Velvet Papillon Dessert

The art of #hashtag searching is so underestimated and I learned this when I learned of Papillon.

When I first landed in Puerto Rico, I was on Instagram, trying to find out who was here, what to eat, and where to party. How lucky was I to come across the instagram of Bite Art which assisted in my search for Brunch on the Enchanted Island. Unbeknownst to me was that there was a small, great restaurant called the Papillon, 10 minutes away from my hotel.

As soon as I walked in, I peeped at the pastries by the door. I instantly loved this place. The decor was so cute and classic and the menu looked amazing.

Papillon Bar











Papillon Mimosa











I started with the mussels that smelled, looked, and were delicious. This woman next to me wouldn’t stop staring over at our table while I was consuming them. The mussels were cooked perfectly, had a sauce that didn’t overpower, and they were easy to open.

Papillon Mussels

I ordered the Papillon Burger which has caramelized onions, mustard, cheese, and pickles on it plus it’s served with fries. It was very filling and I enjoyed the variety of textures and flavors in the burger.

 Papillon Burger

There’s no way I was leaving without this decadent red velvet cake even though I was full by this point. It was well worth the binge.

Red Velvet Papillon Dessert







Bar Gitano Pork and Chorizo Rice

On my first night at Puerto Rico Restaurant Week, we dined at Bar Gitano. The restaurant was loud but the music was a very nice added touch to our experience. We started off with a sangria pitcher which tasted like juice. That meant we would need a few more before we started feeling it.

Bar Gitano Sangira























The restaurant week menu here really had some great options so I was happy when my friends decided to order from it as well. For the first time ever, I tried salmon and spinach croquettes that was accompanied by this amazing sauce. The croquettes were fried perfectly and the balance that the fish gave the spinach made it just right for my taste buds. My mouth just watered thinking about it.

Bar Gitano Croquettes

And for the main course, I had set my heart on the pork served with chorizo rice. The rice tasted like the rice from a bowl of paella . It was really great and I could taste all the ingredients coming through one bite. The meat was really thick but I was able to cut through and enjoy..

Bar Gitano Pork and Chorizo Rice

The wait time for our food here was ridiculous. They also over fried our churros so they were somewhat difficult to enjoy.  I’m sure that on a slower night the place is amazing with that kind of stuff but it was a holiday weekend after all.

Water Beach Hotel Zest Restaurant Pasta

Next time I’m in Puerto Rico, I hope to stay at the Water Beach Hotel just for Zest, the restaurant on the ground level.

Water Beach Hotel Zest Restaurant Menu

While the Condado was a fabulous hotel, the Water Beach Hotel is just plain sexy. The blue lights and accents, the rooftop lounge, and being right next to the water had me sold. During my visit, the restaurant, Zest, was participating in Puerto Rico Restaurant week and even had two for one drinks!

Water Beach Hotel Zest Restaurant Cocktail

We had so many options to choose from and since everyone was starving, we started to order everything. The pasta which I had as an entree, was probably one of the most amazing dishes I’ve had on my stay. My friends wanted to go back the next day, just to have this again. It was a homemade fettuccine with a truffle-bacon carbonara that had crabmeat and peas in it. It was hearty with deep rich flavors and filling.

Water Beach Hotel Zest Restaurant Appetizer

As if it wasn’t enough, for dessert but we had mini donuts with creme and nutella powder on top. I’ll definitely be back.

Water Beach Hotel Zest Restaurant Pasta