Magnolia Ice cream

This post is about Ice cream. But not just any old ice cream, it’s about Magnolia Ice cream.

I got invited to a tasting for Magnolia Ice cream at the We Work Space downtown. I was greeted by a new necklace, lychee martinis and an array of different ice creams. The martini’s tasted like water and vodka but who complains about free drinks? Everyone seemed to be having a good time and the place got filled up quickly. The line for the ice cream was pretty long but we got on it about four times each so we obviously didn’t seem to mind.

Magnolia Ice cream

That’s because Magnolia makes fun flavors from natural products with 0 trans fat. I was really interested in what these would taste like especially since they offered avocado, lychee, purple yam, and red bean popsicles amongst others. I was nervous to try the Purple Yam but it was surprisingly very good.  It actually had a nutty and smoky flavor to it. My mind was just promising that this would have a grape flavor but of course, it was just playing tricks!

Magnolia Purple Yam Ice cream

The Avocado ice cream tasted interesting as well. I personally don’t even like avocados but this was great ice cream. It had a strong avocado flavor too but it was still sweet and buttery. The red bean bar was really grainy and pasty. Although it wasn’t my favorite, the flavor was very authentic as all the products were.

Magnolia Avocado Ice cream

The highlight of the evening was the Mango ice cream. Jesus. This pint of deliciousness tasted like we were eating real mangos right at the event. You can only imagine how excited I was to win the raffle and take home 5 flavors for myself.  I also got a cute Magnolia t-shirt and ice cream scooper. It was a lucky night!

Magnolia Mango Ice cream

Thank you again Magnolia for the experience and the great flavors we got to try! Visit their site to find out where you can buy these for yourself!

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