Justice Sweets Nutella Explosion

Cupcakes & Cocktails hosted by Justice Sweets was a night of unlimited cupcakes and unlimited drinks for about three hours. Justice Sweets had an entire layout of 12 different cupcakes that I couldn’t wait to try. I started with the island love, which definitely ranked in my top 3 best tasting cupcake of the evening. The cupcake was described as a “sweet guava cupcake with a passion fruit cream cheese frosting”. The frosting was very tart but meshed perfectly with this delicious cupcake. It literally made me close my eyes in satisfaction and I don’t know about you, but that’s the kind of cupcake I want to have all the time.

On to their infamous red velvet cupcake though, I felt the cupcake frosting was very thick and the cupcake itself could almost be considered heavy. It was very, very popular amongst the guests, which is commendable because not everyone can pull off a red velvet cupcake. The Pink lemonade cupcake came with a jolly rancher-like frosting. It truly reminded me of candy but I did feel the cupcake itself lacked moisture.

Justice Sweets Red velvet

Immediately after that, I fell in love. Justice Sweets made my week when I tried the Nutella Explosion cupcake. It was also a crowd favorite and falls at number one in my top 3 list. There’s something about how when something is so good, you just can’t describe it.  I almost ate this same cupcake for the rest of the night but I realized I had 6 more cupcakes to get through.

Justice Sweets Nutella Explosion

For those who know Ms. Justice Sweets personally, know that Martine is a beer girl at heart. So please excuse my high expectations for her version of a blue moon in a cupcake. The orange peel above was a great touch and the cupcake itself was true to its purpose. It’s awesome when you know a baker’s vision and they successfully translate that in what they make, and that was done!

Martine Edmond

Now I don’t know if the woman is just heavy-handed or was trying to get someone drunk, but the Honey Wasted Cupcake was strong. The cupcake itself was a vanilla cake infused with Honey jacked and topped with a light honey vanilla cream. As soon as you bite into it, the smoky air of the Jack Daniel’s floods your taste buds. It was really yummy though and a favorite amongst some guests.

I was actually expecting a similar experience with the Hennessy Cupcake, which was a Vanilla cake infused with Hennessy and topped with Hennessy and cranberry frosting. This cupcake was much lighter on the alcohol end and the sweet frosting was genius. Sticking the liquor theme here, Justice Sweets provided the Morning Glow cupcake, which was a Patron Tequila Sunrise cupcake. The colors were so cute on this one but I actually didn’t taste any patron. Maybe I had one too many cocktails?

Justice Sweets

The Mango Mojito Cupcake was your typical tasty cupcake which some may think was disappointing because I didn’t really get the flavors she aimed for but I was pleasantly enjoying this one. It was just a good cupcake and sometimes that’s all you need.

Last but certainly not least, was the Bad Boy. This is a cupcake that people wouldn’t stop coming up to me about! Ciroc Pineapple cupcake filled, I’ll say that again, filled with crushed pineapples. The frosting on this bad boy blended very well with the cake and I appreciated that it was a soft contrast to the other dominant flavors. The pineapples were very prominent in the cupcake and it was no question as to why this was a favorite.

Justice Sweets has went on and added the nutella explosion, the bad boy, hennesin, pink lemonade, and the island love cupcake to their current menu so again, please don’t hesitate to try them out.


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Corcho Wine Bar Mimosas

Unlimited delicious Guava Mimosas and Sparkling Sangria were provided for the hour. The Mimosa was deliciously different different but the Sangria simply tasted like wine. This was a wine bar after all folks, but still.  The brunch menu at Corcho was short but definitely left us undecided on what was best to order

The place didn’t really get busy until two hours into brunch and by then we were already leaving. It’s best to get here early to have ample room but its not all that bad; just a bit smaller than we expected. Apparently they fit a band in here once a week, I’m not sure where, but it’s probably a nice touch, WEPA!
 Corcho Wine Bar Mimosas
I had been in the mood for a burger that day and the guava pancakes were calling. From the looks of it, it seems as though holes are poked through average pancakes and filled with guava. Disappointment had set in because we were kind of expecting guava batter turned into pancakes, but it’s not their fault right? Right. Either way, the guava was good and had a lot of potential because it was really tasty. I would just like to see an entire guava pancake, is that even possible?
 Corcho Wine Bar Guava Pancakes
The Chorizo we had on the side was very good and saved the day! On the other hand, the burger was all right at best. It was quite a big burger; I wound up cutting it into four pieces to consume. I wish the dish had come with more fries because that was a tad scarce and it was shame because they were SO good.
 Corcho Wine Bar Burger
Corcho is really cute to stop in for drinks if you’re in the neighborhood and a perfect place to chat, too. It’s also a good change from all the overrated restaurants neae. I would love to come back and just try the wine and tapas here. After all, that’s what they’re known for.
Elberta Brooklyn Octopus salad

A little less than a month ago, I was invited to Elberta. I’m a sucker for a Brooklyn restaurant and I do believe gems can be found in Park Slope. I had originally heard about this place through my friend Dewayne who raved about their red velvet pancakes so I was looking forward to giving it a try myself. Elberta is in the nook of the growing Brooklyn Food Culture; It’s pig out on weekends there, but eat a little healthier during the week.

They have a 3-course dinner menu here but I had 13. Judge if you must. To start I had a thick carrot ginger soup in a milk base. It came with panko sesame seeds on top that was crunchy which created great contrast. The Bartender here, Woody, was very sweet and more importantly, knows his drinks. Be sure to tip him if you go. He made me a guava Cosmo that was pretty spicy but wound up being soft and it went well with my food.

Elberta Brooklyn Cosmo

Doing something different, I tried the Artichoke Tartar served with water chestnuts, izu and ponzu jelly sauce, pickled mustard seeds, and puffed black berries. The tartar was very comforting and went well against the chestnuts which I normally don’t enjoy. The combination was really enticing to my taste buds but overall it reminded me of a fresh salad.

Elberta Brooklyn Artichoke Tar Tar

The oyster in lemon sauce had a consistency I wasn’t used to. The oyster was cooked but the texture just wasn’t to my liking. I like my steak medium. But at Elberta’s, they wanted me to like steak tartar. So I tried it. It wasn’t everything I had hoped for but it came with this amazing bread. So amazing that I even took this bread home. And like cheese and wine, I put the steak on top of the bread and viola! AMAZING. This place is great for pairings. I was really happy that I got to enjoy the steak on this amazing bread.

Elberta Brooklyn Steak Tar Tar

Since I could use a new drink by this time, Woody came over and blessed me with this mojito full of cranberries and kumquats.

Elberta Brooklyn Mojito

I had the chance to meet the chef, Jeremy, who was so kind and made me feel really humbled to be trying his dishes. He’s in a new space now and I really felt how comfortable he was at Elberta’s through his dishes. A happy Chef is equal to a happy customer. I realized that the chef and bartender were very interactive with the guests. After speaking to them, I could tell they really care about the customers’ experience. And as a customer myself, I appreciate that.

Elberta Brooklyn Sardine

The sardine tasted just like the sea but ironically; it wasn’t “too fishy”. The octopus salad served with heirloom beans and kale below was very well made, cooked to perfection actually, and was a good combination/experience for me.

Elberta Brooklyn Octopus salad

The roasted duck followed after that which happened to be a very rare cut full of fun flavors.

Elberta Brooklyn Roasted Duck

To tie up the entrée’s, I was served the Pork Belly Carbonara and the pasta was very cheesy. The pork itself was juicy and crispy but the Brussels were a bit too salty. I had the opportunity to try the seafood stew which included mussels, shrimp, scallops, and potatoes in a delicious fennel sauce. The Scallop was huge with a good chew to it, while the potatoes were very soft and went great with the sauce. The Mussels had an unexpected sour after taste to them that took me by surprise and the shrimp was juicy.

Elberta Brooklyn Pork Belly Carbonara

Elberta Brooklyn seafood stew

I ended the evening with the Graham crust cheesecake topped with a light blood orange sauce for dessert. The sauce was really the kick to the creamy finish without overpowering and I want to know what other desserts they have! Elberta’s is smooth and reasonably priced. They offer a lot of specials during the week that everyone is more than welcome to check out. Who knows, maybe you will see Food Before Love there again soon.

Elberta Brooklyn Graham Crust Cheesecake

Update: This restaurant is now closed.


In the snow storm, I decided to go to I went to Maggie Brown and  this place is so cute. It’s really quaint, mellow and perfect for the weather we were having. It’s that place in the movies you run to in a storm for hot chocolate to meet your sweetheart. All except for the fact that this was real life and I was meeting my girlfriends.

The deal offered here for dine Brooklyn was “two people for $28” while some other locations were doing $28 per person. Being the greedy food lovers we are, we ordered two rounds of biscuits and two orders of the Buffalo wings. The biscuits came with gravy once and the other time with raspberry butter. They were also the highlight of the evening! The gravy was alright at best, but the butter was really a hit. At least for me it was, others may beg to differ.

Maggie Brown Biscuits

The wings were wings, and we enjoyed those. For entrée’s we had the fried chicken, macaroni and cheese, and as well as, the fried tilapia po’ boy. The fried chicken came with mashed potatoes and greens. It was crispy and yummy, what more could we ask for? The mash was pretty good and the greens were, well, I don’t eat greens guys so who knows how they were.

Maggie Brown Chicken and Mash

The Mac had onions and supposedly bacon in it but unfortunately, the person consuming this meal did not enjoy it at all. I think it just wasn’t what we were expecting and that brought disappointment.

Maggie Brown Po Boy

The Po’boy on the other hand WAS enjoyed and it came with a chipotle mayo that really made the sandwich. Honestly, I would go back here despite the set back. I believe they have a lot of potential on their menu and I can’t say no to more food. Besides, this place is super cute!

Maggie Brown Po Boy

The deal did come with dessert but we were cold and we asked them to pack it up. It seemed as through their cocktail menu was worth coming back for too.


Update: This restaurant is now closed.

Palo Santo French Toast

Dine in Brooklyn was also offering a special for brunch where two people could dine for $20 at majority of the locations listed. There’s this cute restaurant in Park Slope called Palo Santo that I checked out on a beautiful Sunday. The restaurant is actually at the bottom of a brownstone and the decor is lovely; the space is built like a green house so it’s even nicer with the sun shining in.Let me start by saying that these guys are not known for their drinks. The sangria here tastes just like wine and the mimosas were okay at best.

Palo Santo French Toast

I definitely ordered two meals while I was here. I started with the pineapple French toast here that comes topped with whipped cream and fresh pineapple. Immaculate. This whipped cream just HAS to be homemade. Like, there is NO question. The French toast is all soft and savory. The pineapples, as I mentioned, are fresh and the combination of all this is unexplainable. Like seriously, go try this on your own.

Palo Santo Mole

I ordered the Duck Mole with Rice and beans after this. It was spicy! But Mole typically is so that was expected. The rice and beans were really good but there were a lot of beans, not really an even portion, but it was good nonetheless. The duck was made pretty well and by then I was full and happy. The pork hash and eggs are really awesome here, too, if you like swine. The place offers a pre-fix menu anyway, so if you missed Dine in Brooklyn, you can still catch a steal here. The fish and grits are recommended too!

Palo Santo Hash

Arirang Hibachi Steakhouse and Sushi Bar rice

I was ranting and raving about Dine in Brooklyn a month ago and I hope you guys listened and went to a few restaurants.I went out a few times, of course, and my first stop was in Bay Ridge for Arirang Hibachi Steakhouse and Sushi Bar. It was my brother’s birthday and it made my life easy to decide where to go being that this was around his neighborhood.

Casandra Rosario at Arirang Hibachi Steakhouse and Sushi Bar

When we arrived they offered us the option of doing private dining or hibachi. The private dining area is downstairs and it’s very quiet and personal. The hibachi is held upstairs and it’s way livelier, with the room full of families laughing and enjoying themselves. Dine in Brooklyn was offered for the Hibachi setting which was good because we were in the mood for a good time. The menu offered four different appetizers, 3 entrée’s, and sorbet as dessert. I tried the negamaki, which the waitress, who was super nice, had recommended.

Arirang Hibachi Steakhouse and Sushi Bar Negamaki

The lettuce wrap was also ordered at my table and came with water chestnuts, chicken, and an entire head of lettuce. Our chef was really funny and he definitely tossed zucchini at all of us to catch with our mouths, hilarious! The night started becoming really fun and the sangria had only just got there. The sangria wasn’t strong, it’s tastier than anything.

Arirang Hibachi Steakhouse and Sushi Bar rice

We actually ordered two pitchers of it and with the deal, we were still under $200 for four people. As an entrée, I thoroughly enjoyed the shrimp and steak meal. This rice has to be, hands down, one of the best rice bowls I have ever had. It smelled so good and the flavors were just perfect. The steak and shrimp were like added fun. The dessert was nothing to brag about but the orange sorbet I had was decent.

Arirang Hibachi Steakhouse and Sushi Bar sorbet

We did have a great dining experience as a family and I heard this place has great sea bass that I should return for.