cocktail city crab

I almost forgot I went to City Crab and Seafood and I had been wanting to eat here since the last restaurant week but I just couldn’t find the time.

I started with the mussels; awesome sauce and a garlic crostini to accompany them. Not what I’m used to but of course, I ate it anyway (save your judgement). Well-cooked mussels are important! But the secret is in the sauce. So for drinks, I had the Heartbreaker *insert smug look here*. It was raspberry vodka, pineapple juice, and some other stuff that makes it tasty.

cocktail city crab

I also had crab stuffed lobster with corn on the cob, delicious but overwhelming. I love crab meat and it was well seasoned, well made, and a great add-on to this beautiful lobster.

lobster city crab

The cheesecake was thick in texture and made for two to indulge in. Really can’t complain about City Crab and Seafood . It was a very decent meal and I’d go back for their Mac and Cheese.

cheesecake city crab


Chocolate Molten Cake Zengo

Asian & Latin fusion, Zengo is right up my alley.

Sangria Zengo

It was my first time trying an eel roll and it was very good. Mainly because I couldn’t taste the eel! Ha! I was afraid it would be horrible but it was a good combination of flavors. The sangria was somewhat on the average side but it’s rare to blow my sangria socks off.

Sushi Zengo

As an entrée I ordered the flank steak with mashed potatoes. I hated the mashed potatoes; they had an odd flavor to them which I couldn’t pinpoint and it made it impossible to enjoy. What a shame because the steak was fairly good, but if I can’t enjoy the meal as is, I won’t order it again. Yikes.

Flank Steak Zengo

Chocolate molten cake with Ice cream on top, you can’t go wrong with this one. The super rich flavor and a great balance between the cake and the ice cream is always appreciated. The ambiance here was also sexy and laid back which I enjoyed.

Chocolate Molten Cake Zengo



Pain perdue Acadiana

Special Occasions.

Also known as, “The only reason why I would do a $40 brunch without mimosas included”. What part of the game is that? Granted, Acadiana  has $2 mimosas and I’m not trying say that adds up, but it’s just that I just find comfort in the word unlimited. But as I mentioned, it’s a special occasion and everyone I was with made it worth it already but I definitely had high expectations for the meal.


Blood Orange Mimosas and the best best biscuits I have ever had. Hands down.

Blood Orange mimosas Acadiana

The biscuits were better than Red Lobster & everyone knows Red Lobster has the best biscuits. But this marmalade they serve that has a sweet jam/honey mix over butter with a certain spice to it. It is EVERYTHING! I can’t even tell you how many biscuits I had, and it almost ruined my appetite.

Biscuits Acadiana

Started with the “Pain Perdu” which had this banana foster sauce on it. The lovely lady dining next to me told me I HAD to try this sauce, so I did. It was YUM. I really didn’t know what to expect of this New Orleans style toast, let alone of the walnuts on top of it but it wound up being very good.

Pain perdue Acadiana

I really enjoy two course brunches and this wasn’t too filling so… so far so good. I followed that up with the “Louisiana crawfish Étouffée” that I couldn’t even finish. Now this was heavy and delicious.

Crawfish Entouffee Acadiana

It was actually a light sauce but heavy in flavor and serving, I didn’t know what to do. The rice evened out all the taste perfectly, I could eat this for many dinner nights. Brunch ended with the key lime pie, I didn’t order this but we had all the desserts to go and I guess my order was lost in the huge party I was with.

I would go back to this establishment for an occasion. It was worth it.

Steak and Eggs Ulah

Work. Eat. Travel. Repeat.

Found myself in Washington D.C last month to celebrate the centennial anniversary for my sorority. I actually got a round trip ticket on megabus for $2.50. How cool is that? Extremely within my budget haha. I also partied at Park for the first time, something I never have time for.

What I always make time for though, was brunch. So that Saturday morning, I gathered my small team and trotted off into the city to check out Ulah Bistro (1214 U Street Northwest, Washington, DC 20009). This spot was recommended to me by my fellow foodie Dana, so THANK YOU for leading me to this cute place. Initially I was worried it would be packed because it was a busy weekend in DC and I hadn’t made reservations, luckily they accommodated my party of 5, and the mimosas started flowing.

Mimosas Ulah

Sweet Tea Ulah

They offer a $25 unlimited mimosa and one entree brunch deal here which I got without question. One of the ladies with me indulged in the sweet tea and it was absolutely, insanely delicious. I almost opted out of the deal because of it but you know, nothing can come between me and my mimosas. So per usual, I got steak and eggs. I had heard it was great, and I like great food so it was an easy choice.

Steak and Eggs Ulah

French Toast Ulah

The steak was extremely good and I crushed the potatoes. I almost didn’t share. I shared the french toast with someone though. Lord knows I need to stop ordering two meals. But whew, it was worth it. The French toast came with a honey mascarpone on top and that, again, made me not want to share. I’m wondering how I’m not over 200 lbs by now. Nonetheless, everyone enjoyed it here so that makes me happy…. go make your taste buds happy too.

sandwich ulah


eggs benedict

Grade pending restaurants are not for me, which is why I slowly backed away from this restaurant I will not name, and walked a few blocks over to Cafe Shane. The line was almost out the door but it was a little after 1pm, prime time brunch hours. The plan was to stick it out or join a longer line elsewhere.

I had first heard about Cafe Shane from The Culture LP . So I felt comfortable checking it out on my own, even sticking out the long line it was. It’s a snug spot. Quick, easy to read menu and tasty mimosas; they have a few gems on it too that makes it hard to decide, like I wanted the fish and chips but because my friend, who is a little foodie himself, ordered the eggs Florentine. I chose the french toast with fresh fruits. Who ever thought to put strawberries on french toast is a genius and I thank you. The meal actually came with apples, mangos, bananas and plenty of strawberries. All the fruits were fresh. Those strawberries do it for me every time. It really made the meal, otherwise I’ve had better french toast.


I would say that Cafe Shane is a good quick bite in Brooklyn. If you live in the area, just rolled out of bed and can’t decide where to go, you can find a decent meal here. Although I’m not compelled to run back to the mercy of the brunch menu, I could see myself enjoying a sweet brunch here once more for the love.