I’m a burger kind of girl. Dare I say the 5 Napkin Burger kind.

After good drinks at a place I can’t recall, I found myself at 5 Napkin Burger in the union square area. They don’t serve Guinness there though, not cool. So I opted for a Blue Moon and they threw an orange on top. It’s not real if they don’t give you that orange . I was already starving BUT was nowhere near ready for my choices.

Bacon Burger 5 Napkin Burger

Lord, I love Bacon. You know how when you fry bacon half of it is fat and the other half is crisp deliciousness. Yea, no fat on my bacon. Yea, no fat in my bacon, I was in heaven. I died and came back and died again. It was real. Not to mention the burger was HUGE. I couldn’t even finish all of it but it was amazing. The fries were average, didn’t really care for them. Great place though if you’re a heavy eater. They have lots of other options here too and it’s a busy spot. Make a reservation. Their food will make you happy.

Onion Burger 5 napkin burger

WIngs at Amber Gramercy

I recently bought a certificate back in April for Amber Gramercy  and I finally got around to going.

It was here that I learned that fried shumai is better than steamed shumai. They tasted divine dipped in soy sauce and I couldn’t get enough. The night ended with a steamed flounder in a black bean paste which I shouldn’t have ordered because I’m not big on black bean paste. But the fish was well cooked and so was the chicken. The chicken dish was broiled and fiesta themed flavors that will make you want to go back and party with the menu.

Fried Shumai Amber

The tropical wings were perfectly fried. I mixed the tangy honey mustard with the thousand islands dressing to cover the wings which made me melt. The Ginger drink I had wasn’t the best but the service was good and the atmosphere was very cool. it was great for a quick bite to eat when you don’t know where to go last-minute.

WIngs at Amber

Pot stickers Peep Soho

I got to try Peep in SoHo for the first time that has mirror covered walls, ceilings, and double mirrored bathrooms….So no one can see you in the restroom but you can see everyone the whole time. Either that’s weird to you, or exciting but the place is known for it, hence the peep part.  This place is sexy and it comes off as fun and chic with lots of accents of pink. The after work crowd on a Friday was slow and appreciated and I could see this being a smooth first date.

Peep Soho menu

Peep has $5 Mojito’s during happy hour and they’re a nice big size with great taste. I started with the pot stickers which were consistent, with good texture and good flavor. THEN, I was feeling all healthy and adventurous so I ordered the Mock Duck. I seriously don’t know what I was thinking. Apparently, Mock Duck is made from a wheat gluten and it’s a vegetarian meal. I was afraid, I’m not going to lie. The duck was drowned in soy sauce and it was good. Yes, it was good. It had a chewy texture to it, that had me skeptical but in the end, it was a really good meal. I enjoyed it with brown rice and peppers.

Peep Soho menu

The best part of the meal was the dessert. I got to try the Apple Fritters with Fried ice cream which taste like Funnel Cake. The outside had a fried dough taste, warm and tough, and the ice cream inside was vanilla, and much colder.

Peep Soho menu

I encourage you to “peep” into this spot.


Did you just say $5 Sangria & Korean Fried Chicken wings at Bon Chon? Oh yes, I’m your girl.

I had been hearing about these wings for over a year now. Korean Fried chicken I was told, is the best chicken to ever consume in life. Well, that’s false, the best chicken I’ve had was at SoCo  but I digress because that’s not the focus here… These wings were still the bomb, but talk about fake fancy pants. Bon Chon is super cute with their little candle light, and table service, meanwhile, I’m tearing up wings I just ordered off a paper menu.

bonchon dumplings

I ordered the soy garlic wings which are sweet and light. See I need sauce on my wings and this was IT for me. I also had the hot and spicy wings which are pretty hot and spicy like I was warned, but two cups of Sangria later I was good. The Sangria here is stronger than it is tasty and I also got to try the chicken pot stickers. Pot stickers are the best, these were no different, dip them in soy sauce and thank me later.Wings at bonchon

So if you want to have a nice little wing night and you’re tired of Dallas BBQ’s and Sport Bars, and you want to fake impress your new object of affection, take them to Bon Chon.

bonchon Sangira