Anthony Bourdain Approved. Need I say more? They better MILK that stamp they got from him. pun intended. Convenience will make you comfortable as times, which is probably why MILK Burger exist in my neighborhood and I ignore it. Well…. I don’t really ignore it. I always walk by and say “I need MILK burger” or you can find me tweeting about going and then…I never do.

Milk Burger table

It’s a new day though and I finally got around to ordering cheese fries and a milk burger topped with pickles, cheese, onions, milk sauce and tomatoes served on an egg bun.The menu is nothing less but interesting, I probably got the most ordinary thing on it actually. But again, I was listening to Bourdain. And although the service wasn’t favorable considering the time I awaited for my meal, it was worth it. The cheese fries were to die for.

Milk Burger Fries

I use to be a french fry fiend and the cheese was perfect. I hate when places want to melt cheese slices and stuff on fries and try to pass that off. Nacho cheese please! No complaints there. The Milk burger was pretty good too. I kept trying to figure out what the sauce was. I’m really into this whole thin burger thing, super flavorful so I enjoyed that they have that here too. There’s only one of these spots and it’s in Spanish Harlem so ven para aca papa!

Milk Burger

Dessert at Ethos.


The evening started with Greek styled meatballs, served with a homemade tomato sauce which was great and I tried the lump crab meat also known as Kavouri. Though the meat balls looked boring, it really was good. I enjoyed it with the bread provided and it was good balance of flavors. The crab was thick and had a lot of traditional flavors wrapped in.

Meatballs at Ethos.

The Greek style Seafood Paella I had here though made my entire night. I love mussels and it came with plenty. They were so rich and tasted fresh. Besides them being cooked to perfection, the shrimp was also in abundance on my plate and I can speak for everyone (who loves seafood) when I say more endless shrimp! I can always smile at a restaurant that isn’t stingy with the portion sizes. I had a huge scallop on my plate and the sauce in the paella was thin but with a thick tomato flavor.

I also had dessert on the house! So I tried this flan like cake that had a custard inside and that wasn’t bad but It wasn’t my favorite. I did love however, the chocolate mousse which has never failed me AND I tried baklava for the first time. The baklava had a real light cinnamon taste to it and it’s basically a crisp roll full of almonds and yummy goodness which my genius self mixed with the mousse and made heaven with every bite.

Dessert at Ethos.

Ethos has my stamp of approval. and the service was great.