Banana White Chocolate Cupcake Spot dessert bar

Rasberry Chocolate Cupcake from Spot Dessert Bar

Spot Dessert Bar is my favorite place to grab sweets. Upon my first ever visit here, I had the Berry Berry cupcake and it was one of the best cupcakes I’ve ever had. I have a thing for raspberry and chocolate and that’s exactly all this was. The frosting was soft,  blended well and just a delight.The chocolate cupcake itself was the icing on the cake instead of the other way around.Spot dessert bar knows their cupcakes, perfectly baked and served.

Banana White Chocolate Cupcake Spot dessert bar

I also indulged in the mango and raspberry sorbet which was a small portion but very true to its flavor, and a banana white chocolate cupcake that had delicious frosting. The bar itself is known for their green tea cake and very hidden on the street it lives on but rightfully popular to dessert lovers everywhere.

Sorbet from Spot Dessert Bar

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Chocolate Cake Lady M

Lady M Confections are well known for their Crepe Cakes but I was more interested in a few others desserts during my visit.

I ordered strawberry shortcake and the raspberry ganache covered chocolate cake on a beautiful Sunday afternoon and the wait was not long. The chocolate cake was tough like a wafer or cookie. The ganache sat at the top of the chocolate complimenting the cake. It was rich in some areas and dry in others yet it was saved by the raspberry sauce on the side.

Chocolate Cake Lady M


The shortcake was light, filled with fresh strawberries and a good choice for someone trying to leave room for more.

Lady M Strawberry Shortcake


None of my friends respect me because this GEM was in Harlem and no one told me about it.

Luckily for me, my good friend Dela hosted his birthday there, courtesy of the good people at NYCLOUT.

From 12pm to 1pm there was an open “Hennessy Punch” bar going on and complimentary drinks sponsored by Belvedere were being passed as well. My kind of party.

Henny Punch Corner Social

It was a pretty busy crowd, and it befits the name “Corner Social”. They offer a two course meal, starter and entree which are accompanied by a pitcher of your choice. I ordered the fruit which was a very balanced and pleasant starter, because I didn’t want to get too full before my meal or too drunk from all the drinks. Too late though.

Now, I saw the burger they serve go by my table and my eyes were ON it BUT I love chicken way too much, especially when it’s fresh. So instead, I ordered the blueberry pancakes served with fried chicken and a side of fries.

Side note: I tried the burger, that is the ONLY thing I’m looking to the next time I go there. AMAZING.

Also, the pancakes served were great but the chicken was most definitely beyond that. It was well cooked, fresh, crisp, and it tasted delicious. My photo does not do this meal justice, I will get better ones next time.

Chicken and Pancakes Corner Social

This is a good spot for brunch with friends; they have a live DJ and pretty good service. Definitely go to have a good time. It’s, hands down, my top 5 brunch spots atmosphere wise.