This super fancy place was not about to be very tolerant of my flash. Lucky for me, the pre-fixed menu from restaurant week was extended! Exciting news! So I decided to go to Fishtail and see what the hype is about David Burke. Downstairs appears to be very modern and simple, but once you’re upstairs, it’s excellent. The upstairs area is chic, classic, and upscale. It’s a very pleasant environment.

Bread David Burke

The Calamari Salad I ordered wasn’t my favorite, the tomatoes in the salad were rich with flavors but I have just never been a fan of cold food. The Chicken had a very heavy serving because it was thick but that didn’t take away the goodness from it. The chicken was moist and well seasoned, but I would have preferred more vegetables or another side. The dessert was eye closing, mouth watering good. I’m truly a sucker for chocolate and raspberry desserts and this was just that. It also came with a vanilla bean ice cream with pistachios that really brought the dish together. I enjoyed their ‘habitual happiness’ cocktail which was good but it did not go well with my dessert. The service here was just right, nothing over the top, and enough. I can always appreciate that. Fishtail is best for when you want to spend money, no matter the occasion.

Honey glazed hot wings baan

Guess who was too excited to try Korean bbq at Baan for the first time? I heard a lot of good things about Baan and I certainly wasn’t let down. The service alone there is awesome.

Honey glazed hot wings baan

The staff were really accommodating and attentive and the food was great.I started with the honey glazed hot wings and tuna sashimi. The wings weren’t too spicy and the glaze was perfect. If you’re not into raw foods however, stay away from the tuna. If you are into it, it was really fresh and a good portion to share.

Tuna Sashimi Baan

The best part of the experience was that we got to grill the Bulgogi (rib eye) ourselves. There are small grills in the middle of each table and you have the option to “make it yourself”, so of course we did and it was so much fun! The slices are so thin, and you can make them to your liking so it was great for us to enjoy. I also indulged in a lychee martini; it was strong but still very tasty. It’s definitely become a restaurant week must.

Lyche Martini Baan


But what kind of brunch lover would I be if I didn’t have brunch in Chicago right before I stuff my face at their food festival? I was certainly a fatty for doing this but who’s judging? So, after going on yelp a million times for no reason, I took a suggestion from a friend (Hi Breezy) and went to Chicago’s #1 brunch spot, YOLK. There are three of these in Chicago and there really needs to just be one in my life, preferably across the street from where I live because this place is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!


I love modern looking brunch spots. This place is cute! I was a little salty that I couldn’t sit in a booth but after I got my food, there was no more complaining. The place is BYOB, and I wish I would have remembered to order mimosas, because mimosas with your brunch are LIFE, but the iced lemonade I had done me good. I’m not mad.

Yolk Lemonade

So lets get onto this menu shall we?

If you didn’t notice….the place is called YOLK, as in all eggs everything. Literally, the whole menu is like eggs this and eggs that but don’t be discouraged if you aren’t an egg type of person, there are other options. Now in my own defense and my girlfriend’s who came on the trip too, if you see something you like, get it, if you see two things you like, share it! Hmm, that may be a new motto for food.

Any who, we did just that. I ordered the strawberry & chocolate pancakes and she had a Tuscan frittata, THEN we SHARED (<— keyword) RED VELVET FRENCH TOAST. YES, I SAID IT. And yes, it deserved to be in caps. Where in life can you enjoy that?!!! I need a second; I’m overwhelming myself over here.

Stuffed French ToasT Yolk

Okay, back to the food…

So my pancakes, if you keep up with this blog, you know that me and pancakes aren’t really BFFs. As I write this and try to remember my meal, my mouth waters.

The pancakes were so soft with chocolate chips in them and a chocolate drizzle on top, including a million and one of the best strawberries ever served. Not to mention the whip cream included and maple syrup. I was thinking the whole time, how am I going to finish this AND eat my french toast. I wanted to cry tears of joy. Seriously, it was awesome. This place is great.

Yolk Pancakes

Now the tuscan frittata… guess who’s not a omelette girl? This girl. *points finger to self*

And supposedly the dishes are very similar so I was a bit skeptical to try it but the look on my friends face when she tried this was everything! I had to try it so I can tell you guys about it. *adjusts halo*

I remember it having potatoes, sun-dried tomatoes and chicken in it and other stuff I can’t remember. What I do remember, is that this was very well seasoned. It was savory and fresh with a hint of spice that didn’t over power everything and it still had me thinking, “HOW am I going to finish this?!?!” Who knew a frittata would be so good?!

Yolk Frittata

Red. Velvet. Dreams. Man. This is really the stuff you dream about. My friend says she could taste the toast more than the red velvet. I can’t really put my finger on it because I just taste the deliciousness; I zoned out and forgot what the original flavors were. I know it was good! Powdered sugar, maple syrup, whipped cream, and strawberries… CAN’T GO WRONG!

This meal was IT for me. I didn’t even finish it, I had to save room for the taste of Chicago BUT it was exquisite. I can’t wait to return to Chicago, just to go here again. So, if you’re in the area at any point in your life, go to YOLK. It does not disappoint!


Convinced that going on exciting foodie trips is my sole purpose in life. Like it must be. Gotta be. Should be.

And so, in order to fulfill my purpose, I took a nice ‘lil trip to the City of Chicago, IL, for their Annual Taste of Chicago Food Festival. Over 50 restaurants and an abundance of treats, sweets and eats all in once space, at one time, at your service.

Taste of Chicago Tickets 2012

Food truly brings people together. It’s so amazing to me how it can happen from just one dish and I just love that. This trip is epic and I suggest every food lover out there to take it on a very, very, hungry weekend.

Taste of Chicago 2012

You have to purchase tickets for the food upon entering and then you spend them like money. I tried a Chicago style hot dog (it has a pickle on top amongst other things), the best bacon wrapped chicken in life, awesome pot stickers, hands down the best catfish with the best honey mustard ever AND the famous Harold’s chicken (with mild sauce). Seriously, this is far from half of the things I had. They had burgers, wine, ice cream, roti, deep dish pizza (so good), Thai food, you name it, and it’s there. I would definitely make this trip again. Chicago is also beautiful! I was so full the whole weekend and so delighted with everything I got to try.

Taste of Chicago Harolds 2012