Friends as Toscas

Me: I’m going to have brunch in the Bronx today.
Friend: O_o what kind of good food does the Bronx even have?

It’s called Toscas, and God Bless Rahim’s little heart for taking me there. (Hi pubs) I left there considering moving to the Bronx just so that I can go there every Sunday. Yeah, it got kind of real.

I love a good brunch, but more than that though, I love a good cheap brunch with unlimited everything. Yes, drinks AND food. This should really be illegal.

When we pulled up, we realized there wass free valet parking. So now I’m about to eat like a boss and they’re going to park the car (for free) like a boss. The place is on the corner of a not-so-busy street and this is probably the downside, at least for me. It’s not your right-over-the-bridge kind of place but in its own right, keep cooking. The wait was about 30 minutes and that was expected because I had heard it was very popular. I didn’t know what else to expect until I got the grand tour. My eyes were doing the most trying-to-take-it-all-in look. I’m talking sushi (when was the last time you had sushi for brunch?), rice and beans, a meat table (ham and steak), desserts, eggs, potatoes, toast, you name it, they had it. By then, I was praying they would call up our table, I couldn’t take the wait any longer.

Friends as Toscas

By the way, the place is really cute. Dimmed lights in certain areas, a bar in the middle of the location and a back area where the sun shines through a huge window. Apparently they have day parties here also but I don’t know anything about that.

When it was time to eat, I didn’t take my time to decide or make anything pretty. I kind of just got everything at once and threw it all on my plate, so excuse my lack of presentation but I wasn’t trying to waste time. Now I really can’t go down the list of everything I had (because I had everything) but I will say what you must go there and get the Chicken Fingers with the honey mustard sauce. I promise you this honey mustard will be the best thing you’ve had in a while. You guys should really take my word on things that I don’t like then I have them at certain spots and fall in love. Honey mustard is one of those things, try it. I also recommend the French toast covered in strawberries. It’s Rahim’s favorite and it could be yours, too. The steak here is awesome. Get it from the man cutting it for you in the corner. It’s legit. I could have done without the sushi. The mimosa’s were delicious and the Bellini’s were strong, all for $25. You can never go wrong! (Oh, I rhymed!)

Man. I’m about to start Bronx gems soon (or not)


Chicken and Waffles Soco

Recently, someone asked me if I live in Brooklyn because I post about it so much. No, I do not but I think I may need to make that move because some of the best food I’ve been having lately can be found there.

A lot of the places I eat at by the way, have been recommended or are considered fake popular to all my foodie peeps. SoCo was one of these places. And as soon as I walked in, I could already tell why.

The usual after church crowd was in abundance and the staff here are so cute. Everyone is like boho, chic, trendy cuteness. There’s music and a modern electic look to the spot. I have a thing for places like this. I was also there with the best 9 other people I could have ever dined with (Hi, Jake).

The downfall to SoCo is its location with regards to public transportation. Otherwise I have absolutely no complaints. Oh wait, no bottomless drinks either but hey, no brunch is perfect right?

The drink that I did have was amazing though and trust me, I’ve had some pretty good sangria before. Let’s rewind for a second to note that this place is called SoCo as in SOuthern COmort. So of course I had what got me there, their talk of the town, red velvet waffles and organic chicken. Now don’t take this the wrong way but this meal is overrated. But then again, thats my fault. The waffles were good but too sweet but like I said, my fault. I put the maple syrup alllll over this bad boy and I shouldn’t have. I couldn’t eat all of this sweet crap and it thus leads to my opinion that I’m not changing!

Chicken and Waffles Soco

Aside from that though, I asked for more syrup and I put it alllll over my chicken. Now THAT was a good idea. Man, the chicken was good. I love chicken, and I never had organic chicken but I hope I have it again and again and again. It was perfect, deliciously crisp, and had the best white meat under this perfect layer of light brown; making the meal worth it. I really shouldn’t have gotten the mac and cheese mainly because I couldn’t finish the meal BUT sheesh who doesn’t love a great plate of hot, cheesy, mouth watering mac and cheese? That’s exactly what it was. I loved every bite I had.

Returning soon for their oysters…..


Chocolate Mousse La Defense

Maybe I love this place, I haven’t decided yet but I come here quite often so you would think so. Honestly, nothing on the menu excites me except the steak sandwich and fries so it’s all I order. I love places where the whole menu is enticing, that way I can come back a million times and experience it all. Maybe this sandwich is just that good and yeah that must be it.

Steak Sandwich Le Defense

La Defense is in Brooklyn, another Gem because this place is just so cute. I love the set up and the chefs are all the smallest and cutest French men who keep making sure everything is okay. As I said earlier I always order the same thing and it is great on a quick lunch. I once had the pear soup here and it was interesting. I’m not big on pears or soup, but I enjoyed it.

They also make the best chocolate mousse cake?!! Rumor has it that the French have the best desserts. This cake is amazing. It looks so soft and rich, which it is, but the bottom of it is hard and tastes just like a ferrero rocher chocolate. *closing my eyes again*

Chocolate Mousse La Defense

It’s the best $5 you will ever spend. Go there!

PS. I heard great things about breakfast here.


Chicken Biscuit Cafeteria NYC

Good Ole Cafeteria. Home of the best pancakes in the world (that I know of).

Cafeteria is a “hot spot”. Apparently everyone has been ranting and raving about the place and the wait to get in is ridiculous. “Omg the breakfast there” and Yatta Yatta so I’m like yeah I need to take my brunch loving self down to see what this place is really like.

PLEASE make a reservation prior to but I guess you don’t always have to. It’s the best idea though because people are elbow to elbow in this place. Out of all the things I enjoyed, that’s one thing I didn’t like, hearing the next guy’s full conversation and him having full access to mine. Must remind myself that I’m here for the food!

So me and my “date” decided to order and just share if we need to, which turned into him sharing and me just eating everything. Hey, I’m a growing girl.

We started with the fried chicken on a biscuit with some mystery sauce on it, it was awesome. The chicken was so crisp with that fresh white meat on the inside sitting on top of this biscuit that was made just right. LAWD take me now! Don’t ask me what the sauce was because I never remembered, but it blended the consistency of the meat and biscuit so that you wouldn’t feel like you just had a dry sandwich.

Chicken Biscuit Cafeteria NYC

Highly recommended.

We also had bacon, which is always good in my book and scrambled eggs, which you can’t go wrong with. I then ordered the steak and eggs which came with fries. The steak was smaller than what I’m used to so initially I was displeased but I just closed my eyes at the thought that this steak had to be one of the juiciest, richest, made to perfection steaks I’ve had in a while. Can you see why I didn’t want to share?

By the way the mimosas here are $12 and I’ve had better for cheaper so excuse the hell out of me Mr. Fancy Pants Cafeteria. Moving on…. I could literally write for the rest of this week about these pancakes. This explains why I was talking about them for literally three weeks. Fruits and whipped cream and perfect pancakes. I don’t even like pancakes too much! I don’t even eat the ones my mom makes! But these pancakes, I’m sweating over here, I may have to go there really soon. These pancakes are the best things Cafeteria has to offer until further notice. I intend to go back for dinner sometime but until then, my heart and thumbs up belongs to their brunch.

Pancakes Cafeteria NYC