American Roadhouse Philly

Considering I got food poisoning in Atlanta at the daiquiri factory (good drinks, bad food), I surprised myself by posting this. Anyway, I hope my opinion isn’t biased because I was then malnourished and had worked up a huge appetite. I came alive the following day though, fully recovered with brunch on my mind and a list of places to go and eat.

My friend Faizah and I opted for American Roadhouse here in Atlanta, we found a groupon deal right before we walked in and it made everything much better. I thought everything is done bigger in Texas, but sheesh! The portions here were out of control.

I ordered the chili fries which could have easily fed four people properly but it was all for me. These (perfect) fries came with beef and jalapeños on top, spicy as ever. I was filled with delicious regret because I had already orded the Philly cheese steak. Had I not been so overwhelmed by it all, I could have finished it.

American Roadhouse Philly

Okay, let me say this. My friend Faizah only had two bites of her Philly and was instantly full. I hadn’t eaten in 24 hours, I was hoping and praying the same wouldn’t happen to me. I made it to three huge bites…but they were fabulous!

The American Roadhouse’s Philly cheese steak fits right into my top 5 all time best. Only Lord knows why I got fruit on the side because I was already being fat, but it was fresh and sweet and just what I needed to recover. Any who, I was told to go there for brunch and I went. Would I go again? Yes, and next time I’m definitely drinking.